International educational master's program:

Technology leadership
and entrepreneurship

Area of study:
"Launching and managing knowledge-intensive production"
122 400 rub / smstr.

Tuition fee for russian students


Mode of study
2 years

Duration of program
Program outline and admission requirements
The program is designed for students aiming at pursuing an entrepreneurial career. It allows them to initiate and carry out genuine entrepreneurial projects.
Admission requirements
Candidates are required to hold a Bachelor`s or Master`s degree in any subject area, all applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency at B+ level
Admission tests
Examination according on the Open Selection procedure on the website
Admission procedure
The admission procedure and registration is available on the website
Why Technology leadership and entrepreneurship program?
Immersion in the business world and the first step to your own startup
Two main tracks
Entrepreneurship (tech) and Intrapreneurship. It offers an unique opportunity to turn students` technology business ideas into successful start-ups (Entrepreneurship (tech)) yet to develop leaders and professionals inside the innovative ventures (Intrapreneurship).
Real projects
Unique opportunity to start and develop your own business or to take part into the real industrial project
Experienced coaches and mentors
Leading Russian and international professors, coaches, business angels and guest lecturers will help students to build entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial career.
Experienced coaches and mentors will help and challenge you on the way to make a successful career
This program takes place in St. Petersburg, one of European`s most beautiful university towns and a high-tech hotspot in Russia. Students will live and study in the designated "cultural capital" of Russia.
This program gives you the unique opportunity to start and develop your own business while study at the university with the support of the best experts in technology entrepreneurship. If you don't have business ideas at the beginning of the master program, you have an alternative to learn how to be intrapreneur and to work within already existed business.
1 semester
1 semester
The first term is a broad view on what you will do during your master. Firstly we provide some courses for personal development. You will know how to be a leader and find your own way in the world. Every educational module is reflection of studying philosophy "Learning by doing". All students will get a possibility to work in a team.
2 semester
2 semester
Starting from the second term we divided program into 2 tracks: Entrepreneurship (tech) and Intrapreneurship. Now you may continue working on your own idea or start learning about intrapreneurship. During the whole semester students from Track №2 will have internship in the already existed project. Students from Track №1 will work on their own projects.
3 semester
3 semester
Running into the third semester you have to make decision which track is more convenient for you. You continue working on your business project or developing existed project. All students will learn how to internationalize the business and make it successful in global market.
4 semester
4 semester
The final term is time of working hard on your master thesis. Your master thesis can be a business plan of your venture, a consultancy plan for a company or research work on Technology Entrepreneurship.
Award: Master of science (MSc)
Leading Russian and international professors, coaches,
business angels and guest lecturers
German Master Coach
The Managing Director ot XPRENEURS
APICS Lead CSCP Instructor
Frequently asked questions
How much does the master's degree program cost?

Tuition fee for international students is 305 000 rubles ($ 5000) per year and for Russian students is 244800 rubles per year.

The dormitory accommodation, transportation and other expenses are paid separately.
How can I get a state scholarship for international students to study the master's program?
International prospective students have the scholarship opportunities. The grant provides your free studying for the entire period of education.

Contact the Russian Embassy in your country for details. In January-February their websites announce the start of the Russian universities' applications season.

Learn more about admission procedure for state-funded students.
Do you have scholarship for Russian students?
In 2020, 5 Russian prospective students will get a state scholarship.

To get a scholarship, you must get a high score for the entrance exam and pass the interview successfully.
What are the requirements to get into the master's program?
Candidates are required to hold a bachelor's degree in any subject area, and English language proficiency at B+ level.

Self-funded students should pass Skype-interview with program coordinator and university entrance exam.
How many subjects are there in entrance exam?
The entrance exam is in English and it contains such subjects as entrepreneurship, economics and management.
When should I submit my university applications?
The admission campaign for the academic year of 2020–2021 will start February 01, 2020. The application deadlines, please check with the Admission offices .

Admission procedure for self-funded international students:
Step 1. Fill in the application form online and prepare documents
Step 2. Get an invitation and apply for a student visa
Step 3. Arrive in Saint Petersburg and pass the entrance examinations
Step 4. Get enrolled to the university
Can I get a private consultation?
Yes, you can sign up for a free consultation.

You will learn more about admission, educational process and student life. You will be able to ask questions to the program coordinator, meet the professors, and see the university building.
I don't have an idea for a startup. Can I enroll in the program without it?
Yes, you can.

During the first semester you should choose the most suitable educational track for you: to become a Entrepreneur and develop your own startup, to become an Intrapreneur and work with innovative projects in the organization or to become a Researcher of business processes.
How cold does it get in St. Petersburg?
St. Petersburg is never really cold with temperatures rarely dropping much below -10ºC even in the depths of winter. Climate is almost damp and rainy. Bring the umbrella and a windproof raincoat or jacket with you.
When should I arrive in St. Petersburg?
You should arrive by the time of the entrance examinations. The dates of entrance examinations and the beginning of study you can check with Admission managers.
What is the dormitory cost?
The living costs for international students - 3100 to 5300 rubles. The cost depends on the dormitory and comfort conditions. All dormitories are situated not far from the academic buildings of the university and underground stations.
How much money does an average student spend in St. Petersburg?
St. Petersburg is an inexpensive city to live in, as an average student needs about $ 300 – 400 per month. This money includes food, accommodation, transport costs, and entertainment.
What is the student's study schedule?
There are two types of classes: a regular classes and intensive courses.
Regular classes are held two or three times a week in the evening from 4 to 8 p.m. Intensive courses are held several times a semester by international coaches, business angels and guest lecturers. It usually lasts for 4-5 days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with breaks.
Can I get financial support for my startup?
We help students apply for investments in different Russian competition of projects for entrepreneurs. You will have an opportunity to get a cash prize.
Do you have an exchange program for master's students?
Our students are able to go for one semester to partner universities in Germany, Austria, etc.
Can I study and work in St. Petersburg at the same time?
Yes, you can if you wish.

International students can work at the university without relevant permit. If you want to work according to the profession, you need a work permit. Due to intensive study and adaptation we don't recommend to work in the first semester.
What qualifications will I get after graduation?
You will receive master's degree in Management of knowledge-intensive production.
Will my diploma be recognized abroad?
Russian diplomas with apostille are accepted in 117 countries, including the United States and European countries. An apostille certificate grants the right to present your diploma abroad. It is necessary to legalise your diploma before leaving Russia.
What job can I get with my master's degree?
You can become an independent entrepreneur and develop your own business or startup. Also you can work as intrapreneurs in innovative companies either continue your studies to get PhD.
Can I search for a job in Russia after graduation?
You are able to apply for resident permit after graduation or obtain a work visa to stay and land a job in Russia.
Leave your contact details. We will contact you in a convenient way and tell you about Master's program.
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